Wealth Management - Our Investment Process

Wealth management – our investment process

It is vital that we properly understand your attitude to investment risk and this forms a core part of our wealth management service. For example, our experience shows that many people are more concerned about losing money than making the biggest gains possible and this will, of course, make a difference to the investments we recommend.

To give you the best possible chance of reaching your goals, we actively manage your investment portfolio and other financial affairs together, re-balancing your investments on a quarterly basis and regularly reviewing what it is you are looking to achieve.

We run a range of portfolios which contain both traditional assets, such as equities and fixed interest, and a number of alternative strategies to ensure we can meet your investment preferences. Our portfolios are reviewed regularly using a rigorous methodology, extensive experience and input from independent sources, such as rating agencies, to ensure the investments used remain aligned with the goals of our clients.