Specialist services for trustees and charities

Our comprehensive trustee investment service, Total Trust, has been designed to help trustees both comply with their duties and obligations and understand exactly what these are. Total Trust is our full service for trustees and charities, but we also provide all aspects of this service on a stand-alone basis – whatever approach works best for you and your trust. The service covers:

Risk Management

We realise that trustees need to achieve returns that take the needs of all beneficiaries into account, while attempting to maximise returns wherever possible. Core to our investment philosophy is ensuring that we achieve as much return as possible from each unit of risk (measured as volatility).  We have robust processes in place to achieve this and can provide back tested evidence that our approach works.  We will help you to set an appropriate risk profile for the trust, central to which will be the timescales and needs of your beneficiaries.

Asset allocation and investment advice

One of the best ways to achieve good returns with reduced volatility is to ensure that investments are spread across a wide range of asset types, which complement each other in a portfolio by having various degrees of correlation.  This helps to ensure that when one asset class is not performing well, others should be doing better; therefore providing smoother investment performance than that available from a more restricted number of assets.  As well as the traditional investment asset classes of shares, bonds, property and cash, we use a number of alternative asset classes which have previously only been available to large institutional investors, such as pension trustees.

Establishment of investment policy statement

Since the Trustee Act 2000, it is a legal requirement for every trust to have a statement showing the acceptable investments for that trust.  If there is not one in place, we are able to work with you to create one.  As well as any investment restrictions, this statement must also take into account any ethical investment criteria which may be relevant.

Tax and wrapper planning

We have access to a wide range of transparent tax structures for our investments and we will always endeavour to run any investments in the most tax efficient manner for the beneficiaries of the trust.  By using different wrappers, we can also reduce the administrative burden for trustees.  For example, we may be able to absolve the need for an annual tax return.

Detailed and regular reporting

We use bespoke online systems to manage your investments and are able to provide consolidated valuation, performance and tax statements to assist you with the management of the trust.  In addition, trustees are able to have read-only access to our system and can therefore access information whenever it is required.

Quarterly Portfolio Reviews

We monitor and re-balance the portfolio every three months to ensure that it remains within the risk margins set at outset and that investment funds continue to perform as they should.  Any suggested changes will be communicated with the trustees before being carried out.  Unlike many investment portfolio managers, virtually all switches between investments are free of charge, which means that they are solely carried out for your benefit.  In addition, there will be at least one scheduled annual review meeting and more can be held if required.

Please contact us on 0117 946 7970 for more information on how you can benefit from Total Trust or any individual aspects of this service.